Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s Memory care

Providing long term care for an elderly loved one may be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. If your loved one is having difficulties with day to day tasks, San Antonio based, Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living/ Alzheimer’s Memory Care can help bring you peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be cared for.

Our small home settings are comforting and nurturing. Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s Memory Care is where your elderly loved one can be at home, cared for and be treated as an individual. Here you can rest easy knowing that our professionally trained staff are watching over your loved ones 24 hours a day and that we are as concerned with your loved one’s quality of life as you are. Our Assisted Living is a great alternative to nursing homes. We care, we understand, and we make a difference.

We work with you and your loved one to learn, understand and meet their needs. Together, we develop a “Person-Centered” program that ensures your loved one’s complete well-being and comfort. Our residents require special care, understanding, and an individual approach. Each person has their own path to success and our compassionate and experienced staff will work together to find that path.

We Have Three Carol Ann's Homes

Hilton Head


assisted living in San Antonio


assisted living in San Antonio


I Feel So Blessed

I feel so blessed to have been led to the wonderful, caring, and compassionate care given to my mother and stepfather at Carol Ann’s Home. It gives me such a sense of security and assurance knowing that they are well cared for, I am always kept informed of how they are doing. Thank You Carol Continue Reading

Mary Dee Escobedo

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