Choosing the right Assisted Living Home / Nursing Home  


What to consider before choosing the right assisted living home/ nursing home in San Antonio for yourself or loved ones. Considering moving into an assisted living home might be the right decision if your loved ones need to focus on their health and wellbeing without having to manage everything on their own.  


Consider what is important!


There are number of things to consider. A good assisted living home / nursing home must offer the followings:

– Staff that provide medication reminder, emergency call system and special care units such as Alzheimer Memory Care.

– The ratio of staff to residents and whether the staff are trained

– Qualifications and Awards

– Cable and Phone

– Housekeeping

– Comfort

– Home Cooked Meals

– Group Activities & Entertainment

– Atmosphere

Other factors such as open visiting hours and care plans are also important, and they must be part of the services that the assisted living home offers.




Get in touch with each place on your list. Ask questions about how many people live there and what it costs. Some assisted living homes offer private or semi-private rooms. At Carol Ann’s Home, we offer both options. Find out about waiting lists too. Ask about the qualifications and read the reviews. Carol Ann’s Home is a family owned and operated assisted living home with 3 locations in San Antonio.




Make plans to meet with the assisted living home director and look for the following:

– Handicap access

– Residents who look well cared for

– Warm interaction between staff and residents

– Is there a safe patio or garden where residents can walk safely? Health providers suggest poor access to gardens or outdoor space is significantly associated with symptoms of depression.  

– Do Staff seem friendly and is there a right ratio of staff to residents?

The decision to move to the right assisted living home might be hard. You want to make sure you pick the right home for your loved one. At Carol Ann’s Home, we have what it takes to provide a safe and loving place for you or your loved one.

Our staff are our greatest asset We say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our staff that we can serve our residents and generate a long-term value to our community in San Antonio.


Call Carol at (210) 621-3685 and schedule your visit. We have 3 assisted living homes in San Antonio, Hilton Head, Chambers and Wayward, each designed to address your individual needs and budgets.


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