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Providing long term care for an elderly loved one may be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. If your loved one is having difficulties with day to day tasks, San Antonio based, Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living can help bring you peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be cared for.

Our small home settings are comforting and nurturing. Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living is where your elderly loved one can be at home, cared for and be treated as an individual. Here you can rest easy knowing that our professionally trained staff are watching over your loved ones 24 hours a day and that we are as concerned with your loved one’s quality of life as you are. Our Assisted Livng is a great alternative to nursing homes. We care, we understand, and we make a difference.

We work with you and your loved one to learn, understand and meet their needs. Together, we develop a person centered program that ensures your loved one’s complete well-being and comfort. Our residents require special care, understanding, and an individual approach. Each person has their own path to success and our compassionate and experienced staff will work together to find that path.

Amenities & Rates

At Carol Ann’s Home you find a customized care program that is necessary for making your loved one’s life enjoyable. Your loved ones enjoy life with the support they need, and as their needs change, we offer personalized care that changes with them. We do not set strict visiting hours. Families and friends are allowed to visit any time of the day or night, and in fact, some families stay over night when visiting when we have space available. If you wish to join your loved one for a meal, please feel free to do so. If you are bringing additional guests please call ahead to alert our staff.
Quality of life is the difference at Carol Ann’s Home.

  • Cozy home settings created to relax and calm your loved ones
  • 24 hour assistance with daily tasks for your loved ones well-being, health and comfort
  • Scheduled daily meals from our family kitchen to ensure proper nutrition and structure
  • Planned activities for physical and mental stimulation specialize for each resident
  • Spacious common areas, including living rooms and game rooms
  • Beautifully landscaped grounds, a large backyard looking onto a golf course

Whether we are enjoying music, planting flowers in our gardens, arts & crafts, watching the cowboys play or simply reading up on current events, our activities keep our resident’s minds working. Activities are specialized for different levels of cognitive ability, and are designed to stimulate and strengthen the cognitive process and maintain memories for all residents. Seniors work at their own pace.
Taking pride in our assisted living care, customized service plans, and nurturing staff, we offer your loved one a comforting new home with wonderful amenities, a relaxing setting, superior quality and all at a terrific value. Most importantly, we offer all of the comforts of a safe home without all of the work. There are no worries about completing household chores, yard work or home maintenance, easing your loved one’s lifestyle transitions with opportunities for them to continue to learn and grow.
Monthly rates at Hilton Head start at $2,500 for semi-private rooms and $3,000 to $3,500 for private rooms. We have a new Medical Center location with rates starting at $2,500 to $3,500 for semi-private rooms and $3,800 to $4,500 for private rooms.$800 non-refundable deposit.

Our Staff

At Carol Ann’s Home Assisted living we hire only the most compassionate and dedicated care staff, people who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of your loved ones. Their service, teamwork, integrity, and responsiveness is second to none. We honor the dignity of your loved ones and always striving to exceed their expectations.

Our professional care staff is available day or night to talk with and listen to our residents and their family, to care for their daily needs and to organize specialized programs for them. Our care giving staff includes Certified Nursing Assistants, personal care givers, as well as administrative staff. Each staff member is hand picked for their experience and positive demeanor. The staff at Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living receive on-going training in working with seniors and the cognitively impaired. They are hired as much for their compassionate hearts as for their skill level.

Our care giving ratio is 1 direct care giver for every 8 residents. Usually we have more staff than other assisted living facilities. This is truly superior to nursing homes and most other assisted living facilities. These caregivers are trained on an ongoing basis on resident care as well as the importance of meeting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of your loved ones. We believe that our small home setting at Carol Ann’s Home Assisted Living is conducive to providing better one on one care.

We make a difference every day.



    Hilton Head home:
  • 4215 Hilton Head
  • San Antonio, TX, 78217
    New Medical Center home:
  • 8005 Chambers
  • San Antonio, TX, 78229
  • 210-621-3685
  • 210-635-0110
    Mailing address:
  • 21022 Cactus Cliff
  • San Antonio, TX 78258
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    What others have said:

    I Feel so very blessed
    To have been led to the wonderful, caring, and compassionate care given to my mother and stepfather at Carol Ann’s Home. It gives me such a sense of security and assurance knowing that they are well cared for, I am always kept informed of how they are doing. Thank You Carol Ann, and may god bless you and your staff. Mary Dee Escobedo
    A Caring Place to Reside
    My Mom and Dad were Carol Ann’s first residents at the Hilton Head house. They were both treated like they were her parents. Carol and her wonderful staff went out of their way to provide all of the needed care for my folks while making them feel totally at home. Both of Carol’s large houses are formerly family homes one on a golf course and another in a wooded setting – so they have no institutional feel about them. They are decorated with taste and for comfort. Residents eat as a community in the expansive kitchens or in their rooms if necessary. There are numerous functions and family gatherings on a weekly and holiday basis. Assistance provided is augmented in a synergistic manner by Hospice staff if and when that level of care is required. Both of my parents have passed on. My mother passed in October 2011 surrounded by family and Carol’s loving staff. Thank you Carol and crew.

    My Dad had lived independently until the spring of last year when he got pneumonia and landed in the hospital. My siblings and I all live away from San Antonio so being with him presented us with unique problems. We stay in San Antonio during his hospital stay and felt sure we would lose him any day. He had complication after complication but somehow managed to beat the odds and survive the ordeal. He was however no longer able to live alone and had to go to the full service nursing home for a month and it was clear that the institutional and non-nurturing environment there was out of the question for long term care. I was on a mission during his stay to find a home that could offer him a better quality of life while still having someone watch him closely and help him transition to this new life setting. I found Carol Ann’s and my prayers were answered.

    The day I checked him out of the nursing home, he was very confused and wanted to go home. Of course with Dementia and his overall weakened condition that was not about to happen. On the drive to Carol Ann’s he was upset and agitated about yet another change. Once we walked in the door at Carol Ann’s Hilton Head home, we were greeting with smiles and excitement about our arrival. Dad’s demeanor changed as he was offered coffee and a sweet roll. While I finished paperwork, Dad was attended to by the staff and made to feel not only welcome but important. He wanted to smoke so a trip to the back yard (which faces a golf course) was like a trip to paradise. He watched the birds and squirrels playing and relaxed.

    My Mother (his ex-wife and best friend) arrived with my sister and when Dad returned from his smoke he was greeted with more family. His face lit up and he smiled and talked with Mother and the staff. An experience that I was sure was going to become of
    the most difficult quickly became pleasant and reassuring. By the time we left he was content with his surrounding and ready for a quick nap. I checked back later that evening and found him talking with the staff at the kitchen table.

    My Dad is not an easy person to please and can be difficult and rude; but the staff at Carol Ann’s made it a point to find a way to keep him safe, comfortable and well care for during the 14 months he has lived there. My siblings and I made the decision to move him closer to my home since none of us lives in San Antonio. I can only hope that the staff at our future residence will approach their daily tasks with the compassion and kindness that I saw and experienced with everyone that works at Carol Ann’s.

    The best place in the world to work!
    I wanted to drop by and say that I feel that Carol Ann is the sweetest woman I have ever worked for and that I just love her to pieces. She also has the most pleasant tenants and staff who are ever so loveable and easy going. It is a very comfortable home and I am so happy to say that I am apart of this family! I love all of you at Carol Ann’s Home and want you all to know you are special to me!
    Sincerely, Cathy Jo

    Carol Ann’s Excellent Care
    Since placing my mother and stepfather in the care of Carol Ann’s Home I have a much needed peace of mind and trust in the services provided. Carol Ann and her staff are compassionate, patient, and quite frankly worth their weight in gold. Thanks Carol Ann !!

    I am so thankful for Carol Ann’s Home
    My mother has lived at Carol Ann’s for one year, and I am so thankful to have found this caring place for her. Carol is very professional, knowledgeable, and positive. Her staff is also great to work with. But more importantly, the staff has been good with my mother. Within a few weeks of my mother’s arrival, I saw an example of Carol’s generosity, caring attitude, and problem-solving. As with most new residents, the transition can be difficult, and my mother was no exception. She and I returned from a brief outing when we were told there was a surprise for her. You should have seen her face when she saw two parakeets in a cage next to her easy chair. It really touched my heart that Carol did that for her. I am always in touch with the staff and Carol regarding my mother’s health. I appreciate their being proactive and adaptive in dealing with changing health issues. This is a special place with special people. These special people include both the residents and the staff. There is so much more to this residence than I have mentioned above. I encourage you to give Carol a call and plan a visit.

    Activities & Events

    Mrs Mary on the patio with our special guest an alpaca from happy tails.

    Enjoying the wildlife on the patio

    Beautifully built without nails

    This lake is across the street at a very nice park with walking trails!